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ZFR1811 Wireless Field Bus Router Installation Instructions

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ZFR: Wireless Field Bus System
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10325-10
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Important: Do not connect supply power to the ZFR1811 Router before finishing wiring and checking all wiring connections. Short circuits or improperly connected wires may result in permanent damage to the Router.
Important: Use copper conductors only. Make all wiring in accordance with local, national, and regional regulations. The ZFR1811 Router is a low-voltage (less than 30 VAC) device. Do not exceed the ZFR1811 Router’s electrical ratings.
Important: Prevent any static electric discharge to the ZFR1811 Router. Static electric discharge can damage the ZFR1811 Router and void any warranties.
Important: Do not connect the ZFR1811 Router to the power supply before setting the PAN OFFSET switches.

Wiring with an FEC or VMA16 Series Field Controller

Connect the ZFR1811 Router to the field controller as shown in Table 1. This connection provides both power and communication to the ZFR1811 Router.

Note: When using a field controller in a wireless field bus network, ensure that the DIP switch for Address 128 is set to the ON position.