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ZFR1811 Wireless Field Bus Router Installation Instructions

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ZFR: Wireless Field Bus System
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10325-10
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A wireless signal strength indication LED displays the reception strength of the transmissions between the ZFR1810 Coordinators, ZFR1811 Routers, and the WRZ Series Sensors. This LED helps determine the network connectivity status when selecting locations for the devices during system installation.

Wireless transmissions between ZFR1810 Coordinators and ZFR1811 Routers occur as needed. Wireless transmissions between ZFR1811 Routers and WRZ Sensors occur approximately every 60 seconds or when the occupancy button on the WRZ Sensor is pressed. Refer to the WRZ Series Wireless Room Temperature Sensors Installation Instructions (Part No. 24-10332-2) for more information.

Approximately once every 10 seconds, the Signal Strength LED flashes to indicate the strength of the signal received from neighboring devices. See Table 1.

Note: The Signal Strength LEDs on all the ZFR1811 routers in a network extinguish after approximately 2 hours of normal operation, making the ZFR1811 less distracting when installed in an open area. To re-enable the ZFR1811 LEDs for troubleshooting purposes, perform a scan using the ZFR Checkout Tool (ZCT). Alternatively, push the Network Optimize/Reform Push Button on the ZFR1810 coordinator for 0 to 5 seconds. Note that if you press this button more than 5 seconds a Network Optimize or Reform is initiated.

Refer to the ZFR1800 Series Wireless Field Bus System Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011295) for more information on determining the signal strength between ZFR1800 Series devices in your application.