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ZFR1811 Wireless Field Bus Router Installation Instructions

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ZFR: Wireless Field Bus System
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10325-10
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Important: Ensure that the PAN OFFSET switches are set to the same value for each ZFR1810 Coordinator, ZFR1811 Router, and WRZ Sensor in a mesh network
Important: Do not connect the ZFR1811 Router to the power supply before setting the PAN OFFSET switches.
Important: On the MS/TP Address switch block of the associated FEC/IOM/VMA16 Field Controller, set switch 128 to ON for use with a ZFR1811 Router.

Set the PAN Offset value of the ZFR1811 Router using the DIP switches (located on the back of the cover) to configure the ZFR1811 Router to communicate on the wireless mesh network. See Figure 1.

The value equals the sum of the numbers set to ON. For example, if the DIP switches labeled 1, 4, and 8 are set to ON, the PAN Offset value is 13 (1 + 4 + 8 = 13).

When selecting a PAN Offset value for a wireless system:

  • Use a unique PAN Offset value for each wireless mesh network at a job site.

  • Use the same PAN Offset value for each wireless device in a wireless mesh network - the ZFR1810 Coordinator and each associated ZFR1811 Router and WRZ Sensor.


On some date code labels, the switch position numbers on the bottom of the dip switch are reversed. In either case, the switch positions are always read right to left.

Figure 1. Sample DIP switch settings