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WNC1800/ZFR182x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus System Quick Reference Guide

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WNC: Wireless Network Coordinator/Gateway
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Reference Guide
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CCT = Controller Configuration Tool

BACnet = Building Automation Control Network

BBMD = BACnet® Broadcast Management Device

FAC = Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller

FEC = Field Equipment Controller

IOM = Input/Output Module

MS/TP = Master-Slave Token-Passing

NAE = Network Automation Engine

NEC = Network Controlled Engine

TEC3000 = In this document, TEC3000 refers to the Terminal Equipment Controller wireless models, which includes a built-in ZFR Pro Radio

PAN = Personal Area Network

VMA = Variable Air Volume Modular Assembly

WEFC = Wireless-Enabled Field Controller (FEC, FAC or VMA with an attached ZFR Pro Router or a wireless model of the TEC3000

WNC1800 Gateway = Wireless Network Coordinator

WRZ = Wireless Sensors compatible with the ZFR and ZFR Pro WEFCs.

ZCT = ZFR Checkout Tool

ZFR = Johnson Controls® Wireless Field Buss System includes the ZFR1810, ZFR1811, and ZFR1812 wireless devices.

ZRF Pro = Johnson Controls’ new Wireless Field Bus System includes the WNC1800, ZFR1820, ZFR1821, ZFR1822, and ZFR1823 wireless devices.

ZFR Coordinator = A ZFR, MS/TP, IP network or ZFR Pro radio that starts the wireless network and routes wireless message to a BACnet MS/TP or IP network.

ZFR Router = A ZFR or ZFR Pro radio connected to (or embedded in) a field controller.

ZFR Repeater = A stand alone ZFR or ZFR Pro radio powered from a separate power supply used to fill in the mesh.