Set the PAN IDs on Your ZFR Pro Devices - Metasys - LIT-12012319 - Wireless Device - WNC: Wireless Network Coordinator/Gateway

WNC1800/ZFR182x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus System Quick Reference Guide

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WNC: Wireless Network Coordinator/Gateway
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Reference Guide
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Set the PAN ID DIP switches on the ZFR Pro Coordinator Radio, ZFR Pro Router/Repeater and WRZ Sensors. See Figure 1.


  • Select PAN Addresses that are unique within the site.
  • All devices on the wireless network need to have the same PAN Offset.
  • All the Field Controllers' MS/TP Addresses and the TECs' BACnet Addresses must be unique within the same PAN. See Figure 2..
    Figure 1. Sample DIP Switch Settings

    Figure 2. TEC Network Setup and Configuration Menu