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WNC1800/ZFR182x Pro Series Wireless Field Bus System Quick Reference Guide

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WNC: Wireless Network Coordinator/Gateway
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If you are on a network controlled by a Supervisory Controller, there are additional steps to perform. When the devices are online and communicating with the WNC1800 Gateway, log on to the Supervisory Controller and add the remote field bus with all the field devices that are connected to it to a new Remote Field Bus Trunk. The WNC1800 Gateway acts as a BACnet router that can be accessed using the Remote Field Bus Feature of NAEs. This cannot be used with NCEs because they do not support Remote Field Bus. Refer to the MS/TP Communications Bus Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011034) for details and limitations of using Remote Field Bus.

Note: If using a Supervisory Controller, the Routing Mode field on the WNC Home page or on the WNC Network Setup page must be sent to Enabled.


  1. Add the WNC1800 Gateway to the Supervisory Controller as a Remote Field Bus trunk.
    1. Log in to the Metasys UI.
    2. On the Insert menu, select Insert Integration.
    3. Choose Field Bus MS/TP for integration type.
    4. A Trunk Number of 3 or higher designates a Remote Field Bus trunk. Subsequent remote field buses use sequential numbers (4, 5, 6...).
    5. The site unique Network Address number should match the Wireless Field Bus Network Address defined in the WNC Network Setup page. If the site unique Network Address is edited once configured a reset of the supervisor is required.
  2. Add the field devices on the WNC1800 Gateway Remote Field Bus trunk.
    1. Use Insert Field Devices and the Auto Discovery Utility in Metasys UI to find the devices to the WNC1800.
    2. The number of devices should match or be greater than the number of online devices field on the WNC Home Page.