LED Test Sequence at Startup - Metasys - Part No. 24-10143-1183 - SI-VRFCBN02-0Sx - Gateway/Router - VRF Smart Gateway - Release 1.2.1

VRF Smart Gateway Installation Guide

Product name
VRF Smart Gateway
Document type
Installation Guide
Document number
Part No. 24-10143-1183
Document revision
Rev. H
Release 1.2.1
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About this task

During startup, the VRF Smart Gateway automatically initiates a self-test to verify proper operation of the unit. Immediately after connecting supply power, the following LED lighting sequence occurs:


  1. The Power LED turns on, and stays on solid.
  2. The Fault LED indicator flashes for approximately 40 seconds and then stays on solid.
  3. The H-LINK LED flashes for 5 to 10 minutes and then stays on solid. This indicates that the discovery of VRF units is complete.
  4. The Wi-Fi LEDs light up in succession (scanning), indicating that the VRF Smart Gateway is waiting for a device to join its Wi-Fi network.