Special Tools Needed - Metasys - Part No. 24-10143-1183 - SI-VRFCBN02-0Sx - Gateway/Router - VRF Smart Gateway - Release 1.2.1

VRF Smart Gateway Installation Guide

Product name
VRF Smart Gateway
Document type
Installation Guide
Document number
Part No. 24-10143-1183
Document revision
Rev. H
Release 1.2.1
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The unit supports both DIN rail and surface mounting options. If the unit is permanently mounted to a vertical surface without a DIN rail, you need screws to mount the unit. The specific screw types depend upon the surface to which the unit is mounted. The screw holes on the VRF Smart Gateway can accommodate M3.5 and #6 screws.

To configure the VRF Smart Gateway using the gateway's Wi-Fi access point, you need a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) or computer (laptop or desktop) that supports Wi-Fi.