Updating the Software - Metasys - Part No. 24-10143-1183 - SI-VRFCBN02-0Sx - Gateway/Router - VRF Smart Gateway

VRF Smart Gateway Installation Guide

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VRF Smart Gateway
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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-10143-1183
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About this task

To determine if an update is required, identify the current software version of the VRF Smart Gateway software. On the gateway UI home page, click About, then identify the version number listed for VRF Smart Gateway. If your gateway is at the original factory version of, then you need to update the software.

You can perform the update using a mobile device or computer, but you must complete the full process using the same device.


  1. If you are connected to the VRF Smart Gateway access point, disconnect, then connect to the Internet.
  2. Open a web browser, navigate to the VRFPro.com web site and then log in. VRFPro.com is the replacement for UPG net. If you do not have an account for the VRFPro.com web site, contact your Johnson Controls VRF sales team to obtain one.
  3. Navigate to http://vrfpro.com/Site/Catalog/ProModelsDetailsTabbed.asp?id=4266&VRF=1#tabs-36 , and download the latest software version.
  4. Reconnect to the VRF Smart Gateway access point.
  5. On the gateway home page, navigate to Settings > System Utilities > Software Updates.
  6. Click Choose File.
  7. Select the software file the you downloaded in step 3.
  8. Click Upload. If any error messages appear, retry the upload.
    Note: If you attempt to update from release 1.0, and the update fails, you may need to clean out temporary files using a Cleanup.bin file. Ask your VRF technical support team for this file. Follow the steps in this section to apply the file as an update. After the gateway restarts, log in and repeat the update process.
  9. When the upload is complete, click Install. The message shown in the figure below appears and remains visible during the update. The gateway takes approximately 15 minutes to complete the update. The gateway restarts multiple times during the update. If the H-LINK LED is either on solid or flashes once per second, the update is complete.
    Figure 1. Notification that an Update is in Progress

    Note: Upgrading from 1.0 to 1.1 firmware changes the BACnet instance numbers of the ODU and IDU devices. If these devices are already mapped into the BAS, you must change the device instance numbers in the BAS. Alternatively, redo the device mapping. If this is a Metasys site, you can use the Metasys System Configuration Tool (SCT) to change the BACnet instance numbers. Perform an upload from the NAE, modify the device instance numbers one by one, then perform a download to the NAE.
  10. After your computer or smart device reconnects to the VRF Smart Gateway, in the gateway UI, select the checkbox to confirm that the connection is established, then click Return. The login screen appears.
  11. Log in to the gateway UI.
  12. Verify that the version number on the About screen displays the update version.