Installing the VGE Tool - Metasys - LIT-12011931 - Supervisory Device - Network Engine - 10

VMD Generator Express Application Note

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Network Engine
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Application Note
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About this task


  1. Insert the VMD Generator Express Tool product disc into your computer and browse to the VMD Generator Express folder.
  2. Double-click VGE_Setup.exe. The installation process begins, and the Welcome screen appears (Figure 1).
    Figure 1. VGE Tool Express Setup Wizard

  3. Click Next. The License Agreement dialog appears (Figure 2).
  4. Read the VGE Tool Licensing Agreement. Select I accept the agreement and Next to continue installation.
    Figure 2. VGE License Agreement

    The Selection Destination dialog appears (Figure 3)

  5. Click Next to accept the default destination location.
    Figure 3. VGE Express Destination Location

    The Start Menu Folder dialog appears (Figure 4).

  6. Click Next to accept the default Start menu folder shortcut options.
    Figure 4. VGE Select Start Menu Folder

    The Ready to Install dialog appears (Figure 5).

  7. Click Install to continue VGE installation.
    Figure 5. VGE Wizard Continue Installation

    The Completing the VGE dialog appears (Figure 6).

  8. Click Finish to exit the Setup Wizard and complete installation.
    Figure 6. VGE Completed Installation