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VMD Generator Express Application Note

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Network Engine
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Application Note
Technical Bulletin
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VMD — Vendor Model Definition File

VMT — Vendor Model Temporary File

The VMD file interfaces with the NIEx9 device and includes registers and rules that must be applied.

The VMT file is used to temporarily save the project.

This file requires a user version comment when saved.

The file does not require a user version comment when saved.

When a VMD file is saved, the file name is locked and cannot be changed.

This type of file cannot be used as a driver inside the NIEx9 resource file.

If the file is renamed, it is considered invalid when loaded into the NIEx9 as a resource file.

VMT files can be opened and created only if you have a Create license.

Note: When a VMD file is saved with a modify-only license, you can modify some fields.
However, the following modifications are prohibited:
  • adding or removing points
  • reordering points
  • modifying the object type
  • modifying the unique ID
  • modifying the description
  • modifying the comment

If you create a VMD file similar to the original, the new VMD file uses the VMT file as a base. VMT files can also be used to recreate the same file, but introducing modifications, such as adding a point, are not allowed.