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VMA1826/1832 VAV Controller Installation Guide

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VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly
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Installation Guide
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Use the following procedure to commission the VMA18 controller:
  1. Download the control application to the VMA controller using the CCT. Refer to the Controller Tool Help (LIT-12011147) .
  2. Commission the VAV Box. Refer to the Controller Tool Help (LIT-12011147).
  3. Perform airflow balancing on the VAV box. Refer to the VAV Balancing Tool Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011087).
  4. Perform commissioning checkout procedures. Refer to the Controller Tool Help (LIT-12011147).

CCT connects to the VMA through a laptop computer using any one of the following connection options: the MAP Gateway, BTCVT, the Wireless ZigBee USB Dongle, or the wired BACnet® Ethernet to MS/TP Router. These connection options require additional hardware listed in Table 2.

For more detailed N2 VMA controller commissioning information, refer to the N2 VMA Application Note (LIT-12011829 ).

  • The MAP Gateway serves as a replacement for the BTCVT, which is no longer available for purchase, but continues to be supported on select controllers.
  • CCT 10.3 auto-detects when BTCVT can be used or not, based on the controller model and the corresponding CCT Release mode.
    • BTCVT can be used with controllers that contain CCT Release mode 10.2 or earlier firmware.

      Metasys controllers from Release 9.0 or earlier support BTCVT.

    • BTCVT cannot be used with controllers that contain CCT Release mode 10.4.

      Metasys Release 10.0 controllers use CCT Release mode 10.4, therefore BTCVT is not supported with these controllers.