Reusing a TE-700 Series sensor - Metasys - MS-VMA1826-x - MS-VMA1832-x - Field Device - VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly

VMA1826/1832 VAV Controller Installation Guide

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VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly
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Installation Guide
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See the instructions in this section to reuse a TE-700 Series Sensor when connected to a VMA18 controller.

  1. Disconnect the 8-pin male jack plugged into the VMA controller.
  2. Plug the 8-pin male jack on the Y adapter (Figure 1) provided with the VMA controller into the 8-pin female socket labeled TSTAT on the VMA18 controller.

  3. Plug the 8-pin male jack that was plugged into the VMA controller into the 8-pin female socket of the Y adapter.
    Note: The 6-pin connection is not used for this scenario and it should remain unconnected.
  4. Refer to the TE-730 Series Sensor Installation Instructions (Part No. 24-10674-0) to install the TE-730 Series Sensor.
Figure 1. Y Adapter at Controller Location