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VMA1826/1832 VAV Controller Installation Guide

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VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly
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To replace a TE-6xxx Series Sensor with a functionally equivalent NS Series Network Sensor, complete the following instructions.

  • Replacing a TE-6xxx Series Sensor is recommended over reusing the sensor.
  • When replacing a TE-6xxx Series sensor with an NS Series sensor and dissimilar paint or wall covering is visible outside of the new sensor, consider using the NS-WALLPLATE-0 for the new NS sensor. See Table 2 for more information.
  1. Remove the TE-6xxx Series Sensor from the wall and disconnect the 8-pin male jack from the back of the sensor.
  2. Plug the 8-pin male jack that was plugged into the back of the sensor into the 8-pin female socket on the single-socket adapter (Figure 1) provided with the VMA18 controller.
  3. Plug the 6-pin male jack on the single socket adapter into the modular jack connection on the NS Series Network Sensor.
  4. Mount the NS Series Network Sensor in the same location the TE-6xxx Series Sensor was previously mounted, concealing the adapter assembly in the existing wall opening behind the sensor. Refer to the installation instructions for the applicable NS Series Sensor model.
  5. Plug the BTCVT into the 6-pin socket on the NS Series Network Sensor.
Note: When using an NS Series Network Sensor with screw terminal block terminations, see the wiring diagram in the installation instructions for the applicable NS Series Sensor model.
Figure 1. Single-Socket Adapter