Installing the adapter at the VMA Controller location - Metasys - MS-VMA1826-x - MS-VMA1832-x - Field Device - VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly

VMA1826/1832 VAV Controller Installation Guide

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VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly
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Installation Guide
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To install the adapter at the VMA location, complete the following instructions:

  1. Disconnect the 8-pin male jack that is plugged into the VMA1410, VMA1415, VMA1420, or VMA1440 controller.
  2. Plug the 8-pin male jack that was plugged into the VMA controller into the 8-pin female socket on the Y adapter ( Figure 1 ).
  3. Plug the 8-pin male jack on the Y adapter into the VMA18 controller socket labeled TSTAT ( Figure 1 ).
  4. Plug the BTCVT into the 6-pin socket on the Y adapter. When commissioning is complete, allow the 6-pin socket to remain unconnected ( Figure 1 ).