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VMA1826/1832 VAV Controller Installation Guide

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VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly
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Installation Guide
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To replace a TE-6xxx Series Sensor with a functionally equivalent NS Series Network Sensor, follow the instructions in the Replacing a TE-6xxx series sensor section.

To reuse a TE-6xxx Series Sensor connected to a VMA controller, follow the instructions in the Reusing a TE-6xxx series sensor section.

Replacing the sensor with an NS Series Network Sensor is preferred to reusing the TE-6xxx Series Sensor because the NS sensor allows for easier controller commissioning. Be sure to use an NS sensor with similar dimensions as the existing sensor in order to match the original sensor installation.

Note: If temporary occupancy is required for the application on the TE-67xx and TE-68xx Series Sensors, set the sensor's LED mode to LED ON (the DIP switch positions on the back of the sensor are down, up, and down). This setting only applies to single and no setpoint controller models (not dual setpoint controller models). The VMA1832 does not support the LED OFF mode and the pushbutton will not function in that configuration.

Refer to the NS Series Network Sensors Product Bulletin (LIT-12011574) for a complete list of available NS Series Network Sensors.

Note: In each of the following procedures that include the use of the Commissioning Converter (BTCVT), note the following: The Mobile Access Portal (MAP) Gateway serves as a replacement for the BTCVT, which is no longer available for purchase, but continues to be supported on select controllers. CCT auto-detects when BTCVT can be used or not, based on the controller model and the corresponding CCT Release mode.
  • BTCVT can be used with controllers that contain CCT Release mode 10.2 or earlier firmware.

    Metasys® controllers from Release 9.0 or earlier support BTCVT.

  • BTCVT cannot be used with controllers that contain CCT Release mode 10.4.

    Metasys Release 10.0 controllers use CCT Release mode 10.4, therefore BTCVT is not supported with these controllers.