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VMA1826/1832 VAV Controller Installation Guide

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VMA18 VAV Modular Assembly
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Installation Guide
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The VMA 18 Series programmable VAV box controllers are intended for use as functional replacements for the VMA1410, VMA1415, VMA1420, and the VMA1440 controllers.

VMA1826 controllers are well-suited for commercial zoning applications and can be used for pressure dependent VAV box applications where no differential pressure tranduser (DPT) is required.

Note: At Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) 13.0 or later, using Release Mode 10.1, VMA 18 Series controllers can be configured as either N2 devices or as standard BACnet® MS/TP devices. This ability provides a potential cost-effective protocol upgrade path for existing customers and should be considered when you install the controller.
Important: When you receive a VMA18 Series controller from the factory or upgrade the firmware or main code, the controller defaults to using the MS/TP communications protocol. The Load Summary screen of CCT shows the connection as Wired Field Bus, indicating that the MS/TP protocol is in use. If you have an N2 application, the Load Summary screen indicates that you need to switch the communications protocol to N2.

These VMA controllers feature an integral digital pressure sensor, a damper actuator, and a 32-bit microprocessor. The controller's small package size facilitates quick field installation and efficient use of space for field replacements, while still enabling precision control performance.

Note: Connecting an IOM to the VMA via the SA Bus connection is not supported.

For information about sensor compatibility and replacement, see Sensor replacement and reuse scenarios.