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VAV Balancing Tool and Network Sensors Technical Bulletin

Product name
Handheld VAV Balancing Sensor/Tool
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Technical Bulletin
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The LCD on the VAV Balancing Tool and the Network Sensor shows the operating parameters and/or values of the parameters of the VAV. When the Network Sensor is in balancing mode, the features on the face of the Network Sensor also control the balancing function (Figure 1). These features are:

The Adjustment Dial scrolls through the parameter submenus and adjusts the input parameters.

The Enter button accepts selections and allows you to enter into selection submenus.

The Cancel button cancels the selected parameter and exits into the previous submenu.

Any operation also activates the LCD backlight.

Figure 1. Features of Handheld Balancing Tool, shown left, and Network Sensor, shown right
Table 1. Interface features when in balancing mode




LCD with Backlight


Adjustment Dial


Enter Button


Cancel Button

When you first enter into balancing mode, the display shows the address of the controller you are balancing. From here, you can use the Adjustment Dial to scroll through the parameter submenus. If you press Enter, you go into that parameter’s submenu. For example, if you press Enter at Balancing Mode [BAL], the next submenu options are Supply Duct [SPLY], Exhaust Duct [EXH], and Exit [EXIT].

During longer operations, like Autocalibration, the word Busy [BUSY] appears on the display until the operation is complete. Do not push buttons until the operation is finished.

The Network Sensor remains in balancing mode until you exit, or the balancing mode inactivity timer expires. The balancing mode inactivity timer (Timeout Delay in the Balancer Override module) is a configurable parameter within CCT with a range of 10 minutes to 480 minutes. The default timeout value is 60 minutes. To exit the balancing mode, press Enter when Exit appears on the highest submenu, or hold Enter and Cancel for 5 seconds.

Exit the balancing mode before removing power from the handheld balancing tool. This exit returns the VAV controller to normal operation. If you do not exit balancing mode, a delay may occur (while the inactivity timer expires) before the VAV controller returns to normal operation, or if you try to reenter the balancing mode.