Overview of Active Directory Service Implementation on the Metasys System - Metasys - LIT-1201528 - General System Information - Metasys System - 12.0

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Metasys System
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The Active Directory service used by the Metasys system is an LDAP integration. It provides an IT standard integration of the Metasys system into a customer’s existing Active Directory service infrastructure for authentication purposes. This optional component provides the convenience of SSO, a capability that permits users to log in to multiple, secured application UIs without re-entering their usernames and passwords.

The Active Directory service infrastructure includes Microsoft network operating technologies that enable IT administrators to manage enterprise-wide information from a central repository. This information includes data center policy compliance and identity management (user login accounts), which are used for both Microsoft Windows OS authentication (log in to the Windows OS) and network resource authentication (log in to enterprise-wide secured applications such as email and the Metasys system). The User Principal Name (UPN) authentication support for the Metasys system is now in compliance with Microsoft Office 365 authentication. For instructions on enabling the new UPN format, see the Steps to Enable Exact UPN Format section.
Note: The Metasys system does not require any particular Active Directory service structure.