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Security Administrator System Technical Bulletin

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In addition to authorization category-based privileges, administrators can limit a user’s access to objects by controlling which user views appear in the user’s navigation frame. When users log in to a Metasys system, only their assigned user views appear in the navigation pane. User views not assigned to a particular user do not appear in the navigation pane, regardless of the authorization category assigned to the user view. This scenario allows you to limit user access to only those items in their assigned user views.

If users have access to a user navigation view, but do not have View Access to items referenced by that view due to assigned authorization category-based privileges, they can see the items in the user navigation view but cannot see the details of those items in the View panel. Users must have both user navigation View Access and authorization category View Access to see such item details.

When you create a new user view using the SMP UI, you (the creator) are automatically assigned access to the new user view; however, any user views you create in the SCT are not yet assign to any users, and an administrator must manually assigned the users views to users after downloading the views to the site.

The Navigation Views tab appears in the left pane of the Security Administrator system's Security Administration screen. This tab is disabled in the SCT. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. Navigation Views

The left pane lists all available user navigation views. When you assign at least one user or role to a user navigation view, the circle next to it in the list appears solid. If you do not assign users or roles to the view, the circle appears empty. The right pane shows a summary of the roles and users and their access to each user navigation view. Both Metasys local system and Active Directory service users are shown.

You also can assign access to user navigation views on the Navigation tabs of the User Properties and Role Properties dialog boxes. See User Properties and Role Properties.