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The Metasys REST API provides an interface to access and interact with objects, alarms, trends, and other Metasys features within a Metasys site. To use the Metasys REST API, you must have a user account with an API access type. The Metasys REST API will reject any calls made by a user with access type Standard or Tenant. For more information on the Metasys REST API refer to

To create an API user, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Metasys UI as an Administrator.
  2. Open User Management.
  3. In the default tab (Users), tap or click + USER. The Create New User window opens.
    Note: On a smartphone, tap + to create a new user.
  4. Complete the fields in the Create New User window. See Creating a new user in the Metasys UI for more information.
  5. Tap or click CREATE AND EDIT to create the user and further edit the user details.
    Note: If you use a MAC platform, double-click CREATE AND EDIT to save the details.
  6. In the User Details tab, select API from the Access Type drop-down menu.
  7. Tap or click SAVE.
  8. Log out of Metasys UI.
After the API user is created, the API user has to complete the following steps:
  1. Log in to Metasys UI with the API username and password.
  2. Change the password if prompted.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions.
    Important: Accepting the terms and conditions is an important step. The API user cannot access the Metasys REST API otherwise.