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When adding devices, objects, and other items to the All Items view (that is, when inserting an object into the system so that the object appears in the All Items tab), you can assign a single category to each object on the All Items navigation tree except the Site. Use the Authorization Category menu in the configuration wizard to select a category to assign to the specific object. Figure 1 shows the selection process for assigning object categories. Also, authorized users can change assigned categories after the you create the object.

Figure 1. Assigning Authorization Categories

Figure 2 shows the authorization categories as they appear in the Security Administrator System and how the authorization category-based privileges are assigned to each authorization category. The Active Directory Users folder shown in the left pane appears only if Active Directory service is enabled for the site. See Table 1 for detailed descriptions of the authorization category-based privileges.

Figure 2. Authorization Categories
Note: The Security Administration system in Metasys Release 5.2 or later provides up to 150 custom categories. However, if you set up your user profile prior to Metasys system Release 5.2, then you are limited to the 12 custom categories.