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Security Administrator System Technical Bulletin

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Metasys System
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Technical Bulletin
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The Security Administrator system authenticates and authorizes users of Metasys® servers, including the Application and Data Server (ADS), Extended Application and Data Server (ADX), Open Application Server (OAS), and Metasys network engines, including Network Automation Engines (NAE35, NAE45, NAE55, NAE8500 and LCS8500), Network Control Engines (NCE25), supervisory network control engines (SNC) and supervisory network engines (SNE) devices.

The Security Administrator feature of the extended architecture browser-based interface manages user accounts. This document describes how to create local user accounts and add Microsoft® Active Directory® service users to the Metasys system. It describes how to define user roles and assign access permissions. This document also focuses on new security features and enhancements.

Note: The Metasys system for the ADS/ADX/OAS/NAE85/LCS85 has two types of users: local users and Active Directory service users. The Metasys system for the network engines has one type of user: local users. A local user is defined in the Security Administrator system and is authenticated against the Metasys Security database. An Active Directory service user is created and stored in an Active Directory service domain and is added as a Metasys system user with the Metasys Security Administrator tool. This user is authenticated against an Active Directory service domain.
In this document, general use of the term user refers to any of the three types of users, unless differentiated.
Note: Any users with Basic Access are converted to Standard Access when you upgrade to SCT 14.0 or later.