Assigning Category-Based Permissions to a User or Role - Metasys - LIT-1201528 - General System Information - Metasys System - 12.0.50

Security Administrator System Technical Bulletin

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Metasys System
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Technical Bulletin
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  1. Select the user or role. The Access Permission table for the user or role appears in the right pane.
  2. Assign permissions to the user or role in the Access Permissions table. Use Table 1 as a reference.
    1. Click column headers to assign a privilege to all authorization categories. Click the column header again to remove the selection.
    2. Click rows to assign all privileges to the authorization category. Click the row again to remove the selection.
    3. Click a cell to assign a single privilege to a single authorization category. Click the cell again to remove the selection.
  3. On the File menu, click Save.
    Note: No changes are saved and no error messages appear if you update permissions for a user in an Metasys server system when the database is offline. For example, an offline database may be the result of Microsoft SQL Server database not running, or an ADX split configuration network connectivity problem between the web/application server and the database server. To verify your changes, select another user and then reselect the user to which you made changes.