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SNMP is a protocol governing network management and the monitoring of network devices and their functions. It is not necessarily limited to TCP/IP networks. SNMP monitoring is typically used for large BAS networks with many network devices. Alarm and event notifications are sent to and stored on an SNMP management computer that monitors all devices on the network.

The SNE uses SNMP protocol to deliver network device status and conditions to a designated SNMP management computer. You must set up SNMP monitoring at the network level, and you must assign an SNMP management device on the network. (For details, see Creating SNE SNMP alarm notifications and destinations.) If you are applying a Metasys system to an existing network, consult with the network administrator or IT department that administers the network to determine if SNMP monitoring is available on the network.

Configure custom SNMP messages and specify the SNMP message destinations in the SNMP tab of the Site Management Portal UI. Perform this configuration to each SNE individually; SNMP configuration cannot be done on an ADS/ADX.

Enhanced SNMP functionality is available on Metasys systems, including a Metasys system Management Information Base (MIB) file for configuring third-party SNMP translation applications to request, receive, and translate specified SNMP trap messages generated by the Metasys SNMP DDA.