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SNE Commissioning Guide

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SNE10 Network Engine
SNE11 Network Engine
SNE22 Network Engine
SNE Supervisory Network Engine
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Commissioning Guide
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SNEs are web-enabled, Ethernet-based, supervisory controllers that connect BAS networks to IP networks and the web, and allow you to monitor and control BAS field devices from a computer using the Launcher application. You use the Launcher application to log in to the SNE. If the Launcher is not already installed on your machine, you are prompted to install it when you attempt to log in using a web browser. To install the Launcher, use either a supported version of Microsoft® Edge®, Google® Chrome™, or Apple® Safari®. (Other web browsers may work, but are not tested or supported.) Refer to the Launcher Installation Instructions (LIT-12011783) .

The SNE Series of network engines is a scalable line of supervisory controllers with varying network, trunk, and field device capacities to meet the requirements of different applications.

All SNEs provide scheduling, alarm and event management, trending, energy management, data exchange, and password protection. SNEs are factory-loaded with a supported Linux operating system and the current release of the Metasys system software. The SNEs support many different vendor integrations from which you can select during commissioning, such as Modbus, M-Bus, KNX, Tyco® C•CURE®/victor®, Zettler, OPC Unified Architecture (UA), and MQTT. Each SNE can run two integrations. To commission each protocol, refer to the appropriate document:

  • Modbus - Network Engine Commissioning for Modbus Vendor Integration Application Note (LIT-12013150)
  • M-Bus - Network Engine Commissioning for M-Bus Vendor Integration Application Note (LIT-12013149)
  • KNX - Network Engine Commissioning for KNX Vendor Integration Application Note (LIT-12013148)
  • C•CURE/victor - Network Engine Commissioning for C•CURE/victor Integration Application Note (LIT-12013151)
  • Zettler - Network Engine Commissioning for Zettler MX Speak 6.0 Vendor Integration Application Note (LIT-12013269)
  • OPC UA - Network Engine Commissioning for OPC UA Client Vendor Integration Application Note (LIT-12013545)
  • MQTT - MQTT Client External Data Connector Network Engine Commissioning Guide (LIT-12013976)