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The steps for migrating an NAE to an SNE are straight forward. Using SCT, you select the NAE in the archive that you want to migrate, then use the Upgrade/Migrate option under Manage Archive to perform the migration.

Figure 1. Selecting Devices in Upgrade/Migrate option of SCT

Because each NAE and SNE model have varied point count capacities, SCT restricts you to which NAE models can migrate to which SNE models. Use the following table and workflow to plan out the migration. For specific steps, see Migrating NAE to SNE.

Table 1. Valid migration paths from NAE to SNE

Original Network Engine

Migrated Network Engine


SNE1050x, SNE1100x, SNE2200x


SNE1100x, SNE2200x




Note: In addition, SNEs have finite field device limitations that are enforced at the supervisory device level. Keep this factor in mind when you plan the device migration. However, SCT download process does not enforce the device limitations of each SNE. For example, if you migrate an NAE45 that has 115 field devices to an SNE1100x that supports 100 devices, then use SCT to download the archive to the SNE1100x, 15 devices are pruned from the database during the transfer. Also, after the download completes successfully, SCT does not indicate which 15 devices were eliminated.

The following steps outline the workflow for migrating an NAE to an SNE on a site. The steps presume you are swapping out a functional NAE with an SNE. After you complete the migration to an SNE, a black network engine icon replaces the original gray network engine icon in the navigation tree to indicate the new SNE model. You may need to refresh all tabs to see the icon change. Also, the model name updates to the particular SNE model to which you migrated. For more information about the Upgrade/Migrate procedures, refer to the Metasys SCT: System Configuration Tool Help (LIT-12011964).

Workflow steps for NAE to SNE migration with SCT and SMP

  1. Upload current NAE database: Tools > Manage Archive > Upload from Device.
  2. Back up current NAE database: Tools > Database > Create Backup.
  3. Disconnect the NAE that you are migrating from the building network.
  4. Log on the Site Director to which the NAE reports. Select the NAE that you are migrating. This NAE should now indicate an offline status. With the NAE selected, click Action > Remove form Site. You must remove the engine from the site or the new SNE may fail to pair to the Site Director.
  5. Migrate current NAE to SNE in SCT: Tools > Manage Archive > Upgrade/Migrate Device. Select SNE under New Model.
  6. Verify migration: In the navigation tree, note the change to the network engine icon. In the Configuration window, note the change to the model name.
  7. Make any necessary changes to SNE archive.
  8. Download archive to SNE: Tools > Manage Archive > Download to Device.
  9. Upload current database. Tools > Manage Archive > Upload from Device.
  10. Log on the Site Director to which the SNE reports to verify operation.