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SNE Commissioning Guide

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The Computer Name is an editable Network Identification attribute on the network engine's Network tab. Devices on the building network and the Metasys system network use the Computer Name to identify and communicate with the SNE across the network. This Computer Name is synonymous with host name on a network.

Each SNE is factory-configured with a unique initial Computer Name value SNExxxxxxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxxxxxx is the Ethernet MAC address of the device without the hyphens. For example, if the MAC address of the SNE is 00-10-8D-05-0F-FC , the initial computer name is SNE00108D050FFC. Changing the Computer Name value initiates a device reset on the SNE.

The initial computer name is often useful during commissioning for locating and connecting to an SNE before it is configured with an archive database download from the SCT. In most cases, the archive database download from the SCT overwrites the initial Computer Name value and determines the SNE Computer Name on the Metasys site.

The Computer Name of an SNE must adhere to these rules:

  • Must not consist of all numbers. For example, a computer name of N1234 is acceptable but 1234 is not.
  • Must end with either a letter or a number and must not consist of any special symbols (for example, @, #, or $)
  • Must not use hyphens in the first or last character of the name, but hyphens are allowed elsewhere
  • Must consist of no more than 15 characters
Important: If you change the Computer Name of an SNE with SCT, all existing references between the SNE object and other objects on the site are updated with the new name. In addition, any existing network connections to other devices are updated as well.
Note: Before building the archive database in SCT, you should consult the network administrator or Information Technology (IT) department to determine if there is an existing protocol for host names (computer names) on the network.