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SNE Commissioning Guide

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SNE10 Network Engine
SNE11 Network Engine
SNE22 Network Engine
SNE Supervisory Network Engine
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Commissioning Guide
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About this task

To replace an SNE on a network site, update the site registration to ensure that devices on the site communicate with the new (replacement) engine; otherwise, devices may attempt to communicate with the network engine that was removed from the site.

If you do not remove the SNE from a site correctly, the Site Director may attempt to send messages to the old SNE, creating unnecessary network traffic.

If the SNE's trend data is stored in an ADS repository, to forward the data prior to beginning the upgrade, complete the following these steps for each engine:

  1. Select a supervisory engine in the Navigation tree.
  2. Select Action > Commands. A list of available commands appears.
  3. Select Archive, then click Send. The archived trend data is sent to the ADS/ADX.

To replace the SNE:


  1. Using the SCT, upload the current copy of the SNE database.
  2. Physically replace the old SNE with the new SNE, connect the new SNE to the network, and power on the new SNE.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Configure the SNE with the same host name and IP address of the old SNE from the Site Management Portal.
      Note: This configuration lets you download the database with SCT without using the Device Change option.
    • Verify that the SCT can communicate with the SNE, then select the Device Change option when downloading the database with SCT to identify the Site Director and host name of the new SNE.
  4. Download the existing SNE archive database to the new SNE.