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SNE Commissioning Guide

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SNE10 Network Engine
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SNE22 Network Engine
SNE Supervisory Network Engine
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Commissioning Guide
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About this task

You use the Launcher application to access an SNE. If the Launcher application is already installed on your computer, skip to Step 5 below. If the Launcher application is not installed, follow these steps:


  1. Open a supported web browser on the computer.
  2. Enter this URL in the address field: http://< SNE computer name or IP address>/metasys. A link to the Launcher website displays on a blank web page. Click the link.
  3. Select the current release for your operating system to download the Launcher installation file to a location on your computer. When complete, run the Launcher installation. For details, refer to the Launcher Installation Instructions (LIT-12011783) if needed.
  4. Start the Launcher application.
    Figure 1. Launcher window

  5. Click Add.
  6. Enter the host name (or IP address) of the SNE including the domain name if required, and then click Discover. The Launcher searches for the device on the building network. When the device is found, the Add New window refreshes to indicate the found device.
    Figure 2. Add New: Launcher found device

  7. Make sure the Add box next to SMP is selected. You can enter a descriptive name for the SNE in the Description field to make the SNE easier to find in the profile list, or you can keep the default IP address. Click Save. The SNE is added to the profile list on the SMP tab.
  8. Select the SNE from the SMP profile list and click Launch. If the device you are adding has not yet been downloaded and installed on your computer, a Downloading window appears, followed by an Installing window. The windows close when the download and installation steps are complete.
  9. Enter the initial Username and Password values for the SNE and click Login. See Login user names and passwords.
  10. If necessary, set the time, time zone, and date.