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About this task

All SNEs have a Site object and therefore are Site Directors by default. To designate the Site Director on a new site, you must demote all the SNEs on the site that are not designated as the Site Director. You must reset an SNE when it is demoted. Also, you must pair the SNE to its Site Director.

In many Metasys network site commissioning and configuration scenarios, the Site Director status of the SNE on the site is built into the archive database for the site. The status of these devices is established on the SNE when the archive database is downloaded from the SCT to the site devices. The SCT database download overwrites the existing values in the SNE.

Note: If a Metasys Server is on a site, an SNE cannot be the Site Director.

Designating an SNE as Site Director is typically done offline in the SCT but can be done online in the SNE UI. The procedure in this section describes how to designate an SNE as the Site Director online in the SNE UI. To do so with the SCT, go to the Changing Site Director with the SCT section.

Note: If you do the site promotion or demotion online, you may lose any navigation trees built for the site. If User Views (navigation trees) have already been built, upload them to the SCT, establish the Site Director, and then download the navigation trees back to the source devices. The Site Director and SNE Computer Name values in the SNE UI must match the values in the SCT archive database.

To demote an SNE and designate its Site Director, complete the following steps:


  1. On the Navigation panel, select the SNE that you wish to demote from Site Director.
  2. Drag the SNE into the Display panel to open the Focus tab.
  3. Select the Advanced option.
  4. Click Edit. The Focus edit screen appears (Figure 1).
  5. Scroll down to the Site attributes and select the Local Site Director field.
    Figure 1. Designating the Site Director
  6. Type the host name or IP address of the SNE or ADS/ADX that you want to designate as the local Site Director.
  7. Click Save. A confirmation message box appears (Figure 2).
    Figure 2. Confirmation for Demoting Site Director

  8. If you wish to proceed, click OK to this confirmation message; otherwise, click Cancel.
  9. Depending on the type and release level of the network engine, either the engine that you are demoting logs you out and resets, or prompts for the user credentials of the Local Site Director you specified.
    • If the engine reboots, wait several minutes for the reset to complete, then log on the Site Director. The navigation tree shows the network engine is now a child of the Site Director.
    • If the engine prompts you, enter the administrator's user name and password of the Site Director, then click OK. If the credentials you entered are correct, the SNE logs you out and resets. Wait several minutes for the SNE to reset, then log on the Site Director. The navigation tree shows the SNE is now a child of the Site Director, and the SNE is paired with its Site Director. If the credentials you entered are incorrect, a dialog box appears to report a failed connection. Click OK and try to log in again.