SCT and device package licensing - Metasys - LIT-12011964 - Software Application - System Configuration Tool - 16.0

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From SCT Release 14.1, you require device package files that you need to import then license using the Software Manager, an application that is installed with SCT. For further information on software licensing, refer to the Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389).

SCT now extends its functionality for supervisory devices across two brands, Metasys and Facility Explorer (FX). Use the Metasys Device Packages for Metasys supervisory devices and use the FX Device packages for the FX supervisory devices. Once you obtain the device package, import the package by double-clicking on the package collection file or use the Package Importer, located in the Start menu. The Package Importer displays the message Finished importing when the import completes.

To license SCT software and device packages, open the Software Manager from the Start menu. To add a license, click Add License and then choose an activation method, either: Online with a Product Key, or Offline with a License Activation File. When added, SCT software and supervisory device package licenses display in the License Inventory.

If SCT is licensed, the first time you open the application you must accept the End User License Agreement before you can use SCT. If SCT is not licensed, the Software License Check displays the following message: This software is currently unlicensed. Click the Open Software Manager button to launch Software Manager and license SCT software.

If you do not license device packages, certain limitations occur:
  • The transfer of CAFs to devices is disabled for unlicensed devices.
  • Manage Archive operations are restricted through licensing. Upload, Download, Sync, Upgrade, all are restricted.
SCT and SCT Pro block initiating unlicensed jobs in the UI, as well as block them on the server side.