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Maintaining and Managing a Separate SCT Security Database: SCT's security database is always separate from the Metasys server security. Create a small set of named users in the SCT's security database. You can use a copy of the MetasysSysAgent user to create these users since the user functions are the same when using SCT.

Security Databases for Supervisory Devices: Sites with 10 or more active users that log in to the Site Director typically do not require all the users to have login access to the individual supervisory devices that are under the Site Director. Create a unique, small set of users (typically 10 or fewer) for the supervisory device's local security databases.

For sites where the Site Director is a network engine, you can copy the security from the Site Director engine to all the other engines if the total number of users is 10 or less. When a network engine-based Site Director's security database is larger than 10 users, then create users for the child devices using these steps:
Note: You only need promote/demote to change user permissions if your engine firmware is before Release 8.0.
  1. Log in to an engine while it is a child device.
  2. Create a small set of users in that child engine's security database.
  3. Re-add the engines to the site.
  4. Use the Site Director as the Security Copy source for all the other engines under the Site Director.

For sites where the Site Director is a Metasys server , you can use the security database from the SCT that is used as part of the site's overall management process as the source for all the network engines on the site.

Changing Site Directors: Before changing Site Directors, use the Manage Archive wizard in SCT to upload the archive database to the SCT, which includes the security system database of the current Site Director. After changing the Site Director, use the Manage Archive wizard in SCT to download the archive database to the new Site Director. The new Site Director then administers the security settings for the site.

Note: When you add or change the Site Director late in the configuration process, the database takes a while to rename all the data to reflect the change. The time required to rename the data depends on the size of your database.