Pair Network Engine with Site Director - Metasys - LIT-12011964 - Software Application - System Configuration Tool - 16.0

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Menu Selection: Tools > Pair NxE with Site Director

Launches the Pair NxE with Site Director wizard option to force device pairing between a network engine and its Site Director. Beginning at Metasys Release 10.0, a more secure authentication process has been implemented between updated NxEs and the Site Director that involves device pairing. After you pair an NxE with a Site Director, the two devices use unique credentials to authenticate communication between them. Unpaired NxEs are not able to communicate with a Site Director. Normally, the pairing operation occurs for you when the engine's database is downloaded with SCT. However, in cases when the pairing between devices is lost, the Pair NxE with Site Director option is available. For example, use this function in the following scenarios:

  • If you change the Site Director of any network engine and the device pairing for some reason does not occur automatically as it should, perhaps due to a sudden communication loss. If this occurs, use this option to force the device pairing.
  • If you reinstall or upgrade the Metasys server from Release 10.0 to a newer release or to a newer build of Release 10.0. Communication between the two devices may be lost until you pair the devices.
  • If pairing is lost for some unknown reason and the network engine shows Item Not Found when you open its Focus window. Forcing a device pairing can often reestablish communication.

However, do not use this option for network engines that are running Release 9.0 software or earlier, because these older engines do not have this capability.

To pair an NxE with a Site Director, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Tools menu, select Pair NxE with Site Director. The NAE Pairing wizard appears.
  2. Select the devices that you want to pair with the Site Director. Click Next. The Device Pairing window appears.
  3. Specify an administrator account user's credentials of the Site Director. Click Pair Device(s). If pairing is successful, Paired appears in the Device Paired column for each device.
    Note: If Pairing not needed appears in the Device Paired column, the device is at a release earlier than Metasys Release 10.0, and does not need to be paired. If Failed to Pair appears in the Device Paired column, the device is pointing to a different Site Director.
  4. Click Next. The Summary window appears that lists which devices have been successfully reauthenticated to their Site Directors. Click Finish.