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Use the SCT Manage Archive Wizard to upgrade devices and security databases in site archives.

You can also use the Manage Archive Wizard to migrate a device to a different model number. You cannot select a migration option for a supervisory device that would promote it to become the Site Director. For example, if your Site Director is an NAE45 with an NAE45 child, the child cannot be migrated to be an NxE55 because that would promote the child to become the Site Director. In this example, migrate the Site Director to a higher model before you migrate the child device.

Note: Additional steps are required to migrate an NCE to an SNC. For more information, refer to the SNC Commissioning Guide (LIT-12013295). To migrate an NCE to a new SNC, the Site Director must be at release 11.0. Previous generation NCEs must remain at 9.0.
Note: The Upgrade/Migrate Device process does not communicate with the physical device on your site; the upgrade/migrate process only performs the action within your site archive. To communicate with the physical device, you must perform a Download. When you migrate a device, replace the hardware before you perform a code download.
Figure 1. Device Upgrade Release Options

Figure 2. Upgrade Workflow Diagram

To Upgrade/Migrate a Device

You do not need to enter Site Login information in the Manage Archive wizard in the following situations:
  • You upgrade a device to a release before 8.0.
  • You upgrade a device to Release 8.0 or later but no security database exists in the archive.
  • You migrate a device but not upgrade it.
To upgrade and migrate devices, use the following steps:
  1. On the Tools menu, select Manage Archive. The Manage Archive wizard appears.
  2. Select Upgrade/Migrate Device and click Next.
  3. On the Select Devices page, configure the update and migration options:
    1. To add a device, click the plus sign, select the device, and then click OK.
      Note: If you add multiple devices, the SCT user interface may take longer to respond to your actions. After you progress to the summary page, the responsiveness of the user interface returns to normal.
      Note: In the Instructions area, a red warning informs users that all devices under the site director must be at the same release.
    2. To remove a device, select the device, and then click the minus sign.
    3. From the lists in the New Model column, select a model number for each device that you want to migrate.
    4. From the Upgrade Selected Devices to Release list, select a release version for the device upgrade.
    5. Click Next. If the Next button is disabled, then the combination of upgrade and migration options that you have selected is not valid. Adjust any selections highlighted in red before you continue.
  4. Select the upgrade Schedule and click Next.
  5. If you are upgrading a device to Release 8.0 or later, and a security database exists in the archive, use the following steps:
    1. Enter the MetasysSysAgent password for each archive device and click Authenticate For Upgrade. If the login for the device fails, the device remains in the Devices Requiring Action table.
    2. Repeat the above step until all devices have been moved to the Selected Action table.
    3. In order to complete the upgrade of the security database some older passwords that cannot be updated are reset to the Default Reset Password. When you perform the reflash, you are responsible for setting the Default Reset Password for the affected users. After the users log on with the Default Reset Password to authenticate to the destination device they are prompted to change password. The administrator has the option of notifying the affected user group by email that their password will be changed to the Default Reset Password on their first login attempt.
    Figure 3. Manage Archive wizard: Upgrade Device Site Login
    • To upgrade a device with an unknown MetasysSysAgent password, set the selected action to Clear Security Database.
      1. Select the device in the Devices Requiring Action table.
      2. Open the Clear Security Database tab and click Set to be cleared.
    • A device with a clear security database status is upgraded, but the security database is removed from the archive. To add another security database to the device after an upgrade, perform a Security Copy, and then upload the device to store the security information in the SCT archive.
    • A status of No Security Database to Upgrade indicates that you have not uploaded the device to the archive. A status of No Credentials needed for Upgrade indicates that you are upgrading to a release earlier than 8.0.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Review the upgrade Summary and click Finish to perform the upgrade.
  8. Click Finish in the Manage Archive wizard and Refresh All Tabs in the navigation tree for your changes to appear.

Table 1. ActionQ Processing For Device Upgrade/Migration


Process Description


After configuring an upgrade device in the Manage Archive wizard, the Manage Archive wizard sends the upgrade command to the ActionQ feature in the SCT.


The ActionQ locks the engine or Metasys server in the archive database.


  1. The ActionQ begins the upgrade/migration process at the time scheduled in the upgrading/migrating device wizard.
  2. The device within the archive database is upgraded/migrated.


The ActionQ displays the final status of the upgraded/migrated device.