Renaming a Network Engine During a Download - Metasys - LIT-12011964 - Software Application - System Configuration Tool - 16.0

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System Configuration Tool
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  1. Open the archive database.
  2. Select in the network engine in the All Items tree that you want to rename.
  3. Click Action > Rename. A Rename dialog box appears.
  4. Write down the name that appears in the Old Name field. You need that information in a later step.
  5. Type a new name for the engine. Click OK. For large archives, the rename option may take a while to complete.
  6. Click Tools > Manage Archive. The Manage Archive wizard appears.
  7. Select Download to Device. Clear all other options. Click Next.
  8. Select the device that you just renamed. You can only select one device to rename at a time. Click Next.
  9. Select Download Now for the Schedule method. Click Next.
  10. Click Use this option to rename a device via download on the Device Change screen. Enter the current name of the device, which is the name you recorded in Step 4. Click Next.
    Figure 1. Device Change Page

  11. Select the Site Login method and use Test Login to verify communication. If you log in using the default credentials, you are prompted to change the password. However, if you include a security database in the download, the password stored in the security database overrides the new password that you enter. Click Next.
  12. Review the download summary and click Finish to perform the download. The ActionQ window opens to indicate the progress of the download. The device is renamed during the download process.
  13. To verify the rename, log in to the network engine and verify the Name field of the engine's focus window is correct.