Device Discovery - Metasys - LIT-12011964 - Software Application - System Configuration Tool - 16.0

SCT: System Configuration Tool Help

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System Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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Menu Selection: Tools > Diagnostics > Device Discovery

Launches an eight-column diagnostic information window in the SCT. Each column generates device specific information when you click Start Discovery. Device Discovery generates individual device names, MAC addresses, IP addresses, DHCP statuses, product codes, software versions, operating system versions, and battery statuses.

Note: If Device Discovery returns a No Device Found error, verify that port 9911 is open in the SCT computer's firewall. The Device Discovery functionality of SCT requires the opening of port 9911. The SCT Installation and Upgrade Instructions (LIT-12012067) includes the steps on how to open port 9911 and other port addresses used by SCT. Also, SCT may not receive discovery messages if you cancel Device Discovery before it completes or if no network engines are found on the same network segment.