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The Object ID report generates the list of archive BACnet Object Identifier names.
Figure 1. Object ID Report

To create the BACnet Object ID report:
  1. Log in to SCT and select Tool > Diagnostics > Archive Reports. The Metasys Archive Reports window appears.
  2. Select the Object ID tab from Metasys Archive Reports window.
  3. Select the archive you want to report by selecting the check box in the Name column.
  4. Click Browse to select the file storage location.
    Note: By default, Object ID Reports are stored in C:\Users\<username>\Documents as a BACnet Object Id.csv file.
  5. Click Generate. After the report is generated, close the Metasys Archive Report window.
To view the Object ID report, open the generated .csv file in Microsoft Excel. The Object ID report displays the following information:
  • Archive: The name of the archive the objects are stored in.
  • Object Identifier: The BACnet Object Identifier name.
  • Reference: The Fully Qualified Reference (FQR) for the object.
  • Name: The object name as defined in the archive.
  • Description: The object description from the archive.