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About this task

To download a certificate to a network engine from an archive database:


  1. Open the archive database.
  2. On the Tools menu, select Certificate Management. The Certificate Management screen appears.
    Figure 1. Downloading a Certificate

  3. Select the device that has the certificate you want to download. (If you need to download the certificates of multiple engines, you can select more than one from the devices table.) Click Download. The Certificate Download wizard appears.
    Figure 2. Certificate Download wizard

  4. Specify the username and password of the network engine (or click Communicate via Site Director to use the Site Director's credentials). Click Test Login. When the login is confirmed, click Next to complete the remaining steps in the Certificate Download wizard. The ActionQ window appears to indicate the progress of the download. A completion status of OK indicates that the certificate download process was successful.
  5. Close the ActionQ window.