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Use the certificate tree view to verify the certificate chain, which is the combination of root, intermediate, and server certificates required by the device. This information is important because the certificate chain must be complete to successfully configure a site. The certificate tree view displays the following:

  • Root certificate: the highest level certificate; only one for each device.
  • Intermediate certificate: one level for each intermediate; there may be none, one, or multiple.
  • Server certificate: the lowest level certificate; only one for each device.

The certificate tree view indicates if the certificate chain is missing or incomplete for any device. For each certificate, the following data is shown:

  • Issued To: the common name (CN) field. For server certificates, the common name must exactly match the device‚Äôs computer name (hostname).
  • Expiration: date when the certificate is set to expire.
  • Details: drop-down box that contains the SHA1 Thumbprint to distinguish certificates with the same common name.
Figure 1. Certificate Chain View

The following example shows the certificate chain view when a certificate is missing.

Figure 2. Missing Certificate Example