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About this task

The following procedures can assist you in configuring an archive database for a Metasys system. The steps appear in the order in which they should be performed when creating a new archive database. For example, to add a supervisory device to a database archive, you must first have a site defined in the archive. In addition to the following procedures, you can speed up your work by starting with copies of archive databases, by importing previously exported portions of databases, by importing an entire database, and by copying and pasting items within an archive database. Importing and exporting portions of databases, and importing entire databases, are described later in this document.

The Rapid Archive feature of SCT offers simplified configuration of the SMP or SCT navigation trees and the Metasys UI by leveraging CAF, Rapid Archive Schedules, and Point Schedules files. For more information, see Rapid Archive Creation.

These instructions are written from the point of view of building an archive database for an MS/TP network. Perform the same procedure for a BACnet/IP network but select the appropriate BACnet/IP trunk. See Figure 1 for an example.

To populate an archive database:


  1. Add a site to an archive database. In the example (Figure 1), the archive database is DemoArchive and the site is Site1.
    Note: Do not create multiple sites in an archive. The SCT does not allow multiple devices to have the same name under different sites in an archive.
  2. Add Metasys servers to an archive database if applicable. In the example (Figure 1), the Metasys server is an ADS labeled ADS1.

    The Authorization Category list box shown in the right panel allows you to select a category for the object. Permission to view or act on different object categories is assigned to users or roles.

  3. Add supervisory devices to an archive database. The example shows supervisory device NAE55-1.
  4. Select an MS/TP trunk from the (default) engine archive database. The archive database in Figure 1 shows one MS/TP trunk (MS/TP Trunk 1) added to NAE55-1.
  5. Add MS/TP Field Devices to an archive database. Visible field devices in Figure 1 are AHU-1 and TC-2.
  6. Add MS/TP Field Points to an archive database. See ZN-T under TC-2 in Figure 1 for an example of an added MS/TP field point.
    Figure 1. SCT with Archive Database