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About this task

Note: For more information, see Export Item.

The exported data file is stored in the following directory:

C:\ProgramData\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII\DatabaseFiles

To export part of an archive database to a file:


  1. Open an archive database.
  2. On the Item menu, select Export Item. The Export Archive wizard starts.

    The source must be at a level lower than a Site object. You cannot export an entire site as an item.

    Figure 1. Export Archive wizard - Source Screen

  3. Select the item to export and click Next. The Export Archive wizard Identifier screen appears.
    Figure 2. Export Archive wizard - Identifier Screen

  4. Enter a unique name for your export file. This is the name that appears in the Import wizard Select File screen.
    Note: If an item or file name of the same name already exists, a message appears to verify that you want to overwrite the existing item or file. Click Yes to overwrite or No to cancel the save process.
  5. Click Next. The Export Archive wizard Summary screen appears.
    Figure 3. Export Archive wizard - Summary Screen

  6. If the Summary appears correct, click Finish. Otherwise, click Back and edit as necessary.