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About this task

Note: Before creating a Trend Study, create a Trend extension. See Setting Up Trend Studies (Overview) for details.


  1. From the Insert Menu, select Trend Study.
  2. Follow the Trend Study’s wizard steps. The new study appears in the Navigation Tree.
  3. Drag the study to the Panel Layout.
  4. On the Definition View, click Edit and configure the fields (see Trend Study Definition View) as you want them.
  5. Add trend items to the Trend Item table using the add button. The Select Item window appears.
  6. Select one or more trend items.
    • Multiple selection adds multiple items.
    • All non-trend items appear dimmed. If everything appears dimmed in the Select Item tree, check to see if you have at least one object with a Trend Extension and/or that Engine devices from other sites are storing samples in the Metasys server (if applicable).
  7. Click OK. See Adding New Trend Items to the Trend Study.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click the Chart or Table buttons to see trended data in the specific format.
    Note: If nothing appears in the chart or table, check to see if you have samples in your study range and adjust if necessary.