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The Chart view allows you to view data samples in a graphical format and retrieve new trend data. You can zoom, unzoom, and pan within the Chart. You can also specify the X-axis and Y-axis ranges. You can change the Y-axis type to view the chart using stacked Y-axis or single Y-axis.

Table 1. Chart View





Retrieves the most recent data samples for the displayed trends.




Toggles the mouse behavior for the chart between zoom mode and normal mode.

While in zoom mode:

  • drag the mouse over an area of the chart to zoom in on that area.
  • click Zoom to exit zoom mode and restore the mouse to normal mode.
  • left-click to zoom out one level.

When you exit zoom mode, the chart remains at the current zoom level. Use the Restore button to fully zoom out on the chart.

  • You cannot pan while the mouse is in zoom mode.
  • You can also zoom and unzoom in normal mode by using the Shift key and the mouse. To zoom, hold the Shift key down while dragging the mouse across the chart. To zoom out one level, left-click the mouse while holding the shift key down.


Allows you to return to an unzoomed view and Allows you to return to an unzoomed view and switches the mouse back to normal mode if the chart's zoom mode is active.



Allows you to pan the view of the chart vertically or horizontally by dragging the mouse across a zoomed chart. Panning is not available for unzoomed charts or when zoom mode is active. To pan left or right, drag the mouse over the X-axis. To pan up or down, drag the mouse over the Y-axis.

Points Line

Displays the data using lines and point markers. The Points Line chart is the default chart type in chart view.


Displays the data using an area chart.


Displays the data using a bar chart.

Note: Only use the bar chart when the number of data samples can reasonably be expected to display as bars. If too many data samples exist when you click this option, the display becomes unstable and fails to properly update the screen. To recover, select any other display option.


Displays the data using markers, with no lines.


Displays the data using lines, with no markers.

Stacked Y-axis

Displays a separate Y-axis for each trend.

Single Y-axis

Displays the trends using a single Y-axis.