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The ADS Repository defines where trend samples are sent when the local trend buffers reach their defined Transfer Setpoint (see the Trend Extensions section), the Engine defined ADS Delivery Time (see the Engine Device Object) is reached, or the user initiates a transfer. You can initiate a transfer by using the Trend Extension’s Route command.

  • You do not need a Metasys server on the site to forward trends to a Metasys server . You can forward trend samples to a Metasys server on a different Metasys site. The off-site a Metasys server that receives forwarded trend samples must be the Site Director of its site.
  • You can define only one repository as the default destination for each Engine.

For more information on a Metasys server default trend destinations, see Configuring the Metasys Server / ODS as the Destination for Trend Data.