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The data that appears in the Tailored Summary view is the result of analysis based on the row and column definition of the Summary Definition object. Access the Tailored Summary view by viewing the associated user view folder containing the Summary Definition objects and references. The Tailored Summary view allows you to view, command, or modify the data. The Tailored Summary view is only available in the online Site Management Portal UI for the Site Director, or in the Ready Access Portal UI.

The items in the Key Data and Tailored Summary tables use the graphic status colors defined by the preferences.

Guidelines and tips:

  • There is no limit to the number of rows or columns, but performance is resource-dependent and may be affected by large queries.

  • Items must be mapped (for example, appear in the All Items tree) to appear in the Tailored Summary.

  • If the search does not find a match for an item, or the defined attribute does not apply to the item found, dashes (---) appear in the Tailored Summary.

  • Wireless TECs do not appear in a Tailored Summary (that is, this feature cannot use Wireless TECs as rows in the Tailored Summary).

  • The Tailored Summary feature displays data from engines at Release 2.2 or later.

  • IP addresses for devices at releases prior to Release 5.0 appear differently in the Site Management Portal UI's Tailored Summaries than in the Ready Access Portal UI; this is expected behavior. At releases prior to Release 5.0, IP addresses for devices appear as the appropriate value when viewed in the Site Management Portal UI Tailored Summaries. When you view a Tailored Summary in the Ready Access Portal UI, the value shown for IP addresses of devices prior to Release 5.0 is: (Complex). IP addresses for devices that are running Release 5.0 or later display correctly.

The following figure shows a Tailored Summary view with two Summary Definitions and two Key Data items. Notice the items with alarm conditions appear with the graphic status colors defined in the System Preferences.

Figure 1. Tailored Summary Tab