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Tailored Summaries allow you to view, command, and modify large quantities of similar data in a tabular format. Tailored Summaries are essentially summary views of Metasys system items where the rows and columns of the summary are tailored to contain information of interest. Similar data, for example, may be all VAV boxes on a floor of a building, showing current temperatures, setpoints, flows, and minimum and maximum settings. This feature allows you to quickly analyze the operation of your facility.

The Summary Definition object is an integral part of the Tailored Summary feature. It allows you to view and edit the columns and key data values used in a Tailored Summary based user view. The contents of the user view folders are the rows in the Tailored Summary. The following figure illustrates the interaction between the User View, Summary Definition object, and the Tailored Summary.

Figure 1. User View, Summary Definition, and Tailored Summary Interaction