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This object contains attributes common to many Metasys system objects. These common attributes are described in the Common Object Attributes section.

Table 1. Pulse Meter Object Attributes
Name / View Group

Attribute ID Writable (W) Configurable (C)

Attribute Description

Enabled -- Object

673 W C

Indicates whether the Multiple Command object is enabled or disabled

Meter Active -- Object

1260 W C

Specifies whether the pulse meter object currently should be metering.

Counter Object -- Setup

821 W C

Specifies the associated Accumulator Object or Counter Input Object (defined by CCT).

Rate Units -- Setup

819 W C

Indicates the measurement units for all rate attributes.

Rate Constant -- Setup

822 W C

Specifies the value multiplied by the Consumption Units to get the Present Value units to match Rate Units.

Rate Limit -- Setup

826 W C

Specifies the highest allowed Present Value before using Rate Default.

Rate Default -- Setup

827 W C

Specifies the value of Present Value when the calculated rate exceeds the Rate Limit.

Consumption Units -- Setup

820 W C

Indicates the measurement units for all consumption attributes.

Pulse Consumption -- Setup

830 W C

Specifies the physical quantity that each single pulse represents.

Sample Time -- Setup

611 W C

Specifies the period of automatic executions of the algorithm in seconds.

Rollover Limit -- Setup

823 W C

Specifies the highest counter value before the pulse counter rolls over to zero. This value must match that of the counter, or the Max Value of the Accumulator.

Display Precision -- Setup

661 W C

Specifies the rounded position and decimal places to display for this object’s analog values.