Optimal Start Troubleshooting - Metasys - LIT-12011964 - Software Application - System Configuration Tool - 16.0

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Table 1. Optimal Start Application Troubleshooting



Present Value of the Optimal Start Object indicates Not Operational

The Optimal Start object’s Present Value attribute may indicate Not Operational because of errors in its connection status to other required objects.

To verify the Optimal Start object’s connection status to other required objects:
  • Verify that the required Schedule object, binary objects, and analog objects are all defined and online.
  • Verify that the binary object controlling Zone Occupancy Mode is in the List of Prop Refs for the Schedule Object.
  • Verify that valid occupied and unoccupied times for the current day are defined in the Schedule object.

Optimal Start Object is not adapting Constants and Deadtimes

To ensure the Optimal Start object is adapting constants and deadtimes:
  • Verify that the Adaptation Enabled attribute indicates True.
  • Verify that the value of the Zone Temperature attribute is not within the value of the Temp Differential attribute relative to the Heating or Cooling Setpoint (plus or minus one degree) before the warmup or cooldown period.
  • Verify that the value of the Outdoor Air Temp attribute is within the values of the Cooling Design Temp and Heating Design Temp attributes.