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System Configuration Tool
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Menu Selection: Insert > Metasys Server

Inserts a Metasys server ( ADS/ADX, ADS-L-A, ADS-L-E, or OAS) into the archive database in the SCT, beginning with Release 5.2 and later.

All Metasys servers on a computer platform and is installed within the Metasys network. You can use a Metasys server as a location to send trend logs (Trend Studies), event logs (Alarm and Event Management), and audit trails (Audit Trail). You can also configure the Metasys server to take the role of the Site Director to coordinate system access and present data to the user in a web browser running on the same computer or connected over the LAN, WAN, or Internet.

  • The first Metasys server you add to the site becomes the Site Director. The Site Director coordinates all Web browser communication to the Metasys network. You can only have one Site Director per site. Any subsequent Metasys servers are primarily used for archiving historical data.
  • Do not add an OAS as a child device under an ADS, ADX, or network engine.
  • Do not install the SCT on an OAS.
  • Some products or models mentioned in this document are available only to specific markets. Refer to the Application and Data Server (ADS) Lite for Europe (E) Product Bulletin (LIT-12011690) and the Application and Data Server (ADS) Lite for Asia (A) System Product Bulletin (LIT-12011694) for availability.
Tip: On the Configure screen, select each tab for further configuration options.

For information about server object attributes, see Server Attributes.